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応募先:千葉大学理学部地球科学科 伊藤 慎(
巡検小委員会 伊藤 慎・八木下晃司


1. Modern tidal processes and combined-flow bedforms in a mesotidal costal environment, Ariake Bay.
2. Shallow marine to fluvial depositional systems of the Lower Miocene Sasebo and Nojima Groups in the Saebo coal filed: Sedimentary response to the opening of the Japan Sea
3. Kanmon Group (Cretaceous lake deposits) and Kitakyushu Natural Histor Museum
4. Wave and tidal climates and paleoecology of shallow -marine and coastal deposits, the Oligocene Ashiya Group
5. The 1991-95 pyroclastic-flow deposits and the lava dome at Unzen volcano, Shimabara Peninsula, Western Japan.
6. Deposition of seamount-capping oceanic organic buildup (Carboniferous to Permian, Akiyoshi.


7. Gravelly spit deposits in a transgressive systems tract, the Pleistocene Higashikanbe Gravel, Atsumi Peninsula
8. Sedimentary successions of a backarc to arc-arc junction basin (inverted rift basin): Submarine-fan to fluvial systems, depositional sequences and petroleum geology, Niigata oil filed
9. Coarse-grained deep-water successions in a Miocene foredeep basin in Hokkaido, Japan
10. nfluence of tectonic and eustatic sea-level changes on sedimentation: Change in depositional environments of the Cenozoic Oga Peninsula, NE Japan
11. Facies architecture and sequences of shallow-marine to deep-water successions in the Pliocene-Pleistocene forearc basin: Stratigraphic signatures of high-frequency oscillation of glacioeustatic and paleoceanographic changes on the Boso Peninsula
12. Arc-arc Collision Tectonics and subaqueous volcaniclastic sequence
13. Shallow-marine to fluvio-lacustrine successions of the Tetori Group in central Japan: Paleogeographic changes and dinosaur freeway in the eastern margin of the Asian continent during Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous
14. The Shimanto Belt in Shikoku, Japan: Sedimentation, deformation, and tectonic development of Cretaceous to Miocene accretionary prism
15. Sedimentation and tectonics of the Tertiary delta to basin successions in the Tsushima Islands, off northwest Kyushu.
16. Sedimentation and tectonic framework of Tertiary depositional sequences in Kyushu, Japan
17. Lime-mud borings in coral-reef limestones and modern sedimentation in coral-
reefs, Ishigaki Island
18. Dolomitization of Permian seamount type carbonates and Triassic to Jurassic
deep-sea bedded cherts, Kuzuu area, Japan
19. Upper Jurassic stromatoporoid-bearing limestone and recent laminated tufa
deposits in south Shikoku
20. Siluro-Permian shelf and Permian seamount-capping carbonates in Hida
district, central Japan
21. Seamount-capping carbonates at Permo-Triassic boundary
22. Paleozoic shelf carbonates and Mesozoic nonmarine to deep-water successins in the south Kitakami Massif, northern Japan


23. Lateral facies changes along basin transect and Cenomanian-Turonian (Cretaceous) oceanic anoxic event in Yezo forearc basin, central Hokkaido
24. Fluvial sediments within the Paleogene braid delta drainage systems, northeast Japan (Pacific Coast): Their sequence stratigraphy and paleocurrent analyses.
25. Pleistocene reef complex deposits and Holocene raised coral reefs in the central Ryukyus
26. Quaternary reef development in Okinawa-jima, Ryukyu Islands


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