The Sedimentological Society of Japan


Vol. 70 No. 1, July 2011

Cover Story
Turbidites in the Miocene Marnoso Arenacea Formation, northern Apennines, Italy
-- Go-ichiro Uramoto -- 2
Spatial and temporal distribution patterns of fluid-mud deposits in a sandy flat:An example from the Banzu sandy flat, Obitsu River mouth, Tokyo Bay, Japan
-- Naohisa Nishida and Makoto Ito -- 3- 14
Mineral and Metal Resources Originated from Saline Water
-- Koichi Aoyagi -- 15- 24
Special issue: Notes from 18th International Sedimentological Congress
Spatial and temporal changes in distribution patterns of sheet-like turbidite sandstone beds and bed-sets in a forearc submarine-fan succession of the Miocene-Pliocene Kiyosumi Formation, Boso Peninsula, central Japan
-- Go-ichiro Uramoto and Makoto Ito -- 25- 30
Sediment transport pathways on the modern microtidal sand flat reconstructed by the new method of sediment trend analysis (P-GSTA):Case studies of Kushida River and Obitsu River deltas, Japan
-- Shota Yamashita, Hajime Naruse and Takeshi Nakajo -- 31- 36
Identification of fluid-mud deposits in sandy shelf successions and its implications
-- Naohisa Nishida, Yasushi Shimano, Yuhei Komatsu and Makoto Ito -- 37- 42
Recognition of subaerial exposure surface and relative sea-level change in Pleistocene shallow-marine carbonates in the southern part of Miyako Island, southwestern Japan
-- Takashi Nanjo, Ayumi Mizota and Hiroki Matsuda -- 43- 47
Abstract in Japanese from the ISC2010
Mode of fluid migration in the accretionary prism of the Nankai Trough seismogenic zone:129I distribution in the pore waters from the IODP NanTroSEIZE Stage 1
-- Hitoshi Tomaru and Udo Fehn -- 49- 51
Conference Report
A conference report on the ISC2010 (Mendoza)
-- Naohisa Nishida -- 53- 54
-- 55- 60


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