The Sedimentological Society of Japan


No. 62, December 2005
Cover Story
	Microbiological origin of "cap carbonate rocks";
	Late Proterozoic Doushantuo Formation in southern China
		---------- Ryo Matsumoto
Additional measurement and its meaning of the paleocurrent of
	turbidite sandstones of the lowermost unit of the Kiyosumi Formation
	around the Seiwa Prefectural Forest, Chiba Prefecture, central Japan
		---------- Shuichi Tokuhashi
Sedimentary organic matter and acid volatile sulfide as environmental
	quality indicators of Kagoshima Bay
		---------- Nguyen Dung Thi Phuong, Hiroto Maeda, Yosuke Taoka,
		Masayasu Hidaka, Takeshi Yoshikawa and Taizo Sakata
Heavy metals distribution in the surface sediments from central
	west coast of Cebu, Philippines
		---------- Jeneper M. Lo and Hayao Sakamoto
Biofilm contribution to the deposition of suspended particles in a stream:
	a flume experiment
		---------- Naomi Murakoshi and Akio Katayama
Founders of sedimentology (10|Final)
	-The founders of the International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS)-
		---------- Hakuyu Okada
Usage and advantages of an application program "STube"
	for settling tube grain-size analysis
		---------- Hajime Naruse
History of sedimentological research on clastic sediments with remarks
	on history of Russian sedimentology
		---------- Galina Kirillova
Book Reviews
Conference Reports
A report on "Sedimentology Summer School On The Beach 2005:
	From Mountains to the Sea - Dynamics of erosional/depositional geomorphology "
	(Chiba; August, 2005)
		---------- Minako Akiyama, Dan Matsumoto, Akio Sato and Koji Seike

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