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受賞年 受賞者(筆頭著者) 論文名 雑誌名 ページ 発行年
2019年度 現在候補論文募集中!
2018年 横川 美和 Cyclic steps on ice Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 121 1023-1048 2016
2017年 中嶋 健 Quantitative analysis of the geometry of submarine external levees Sedimentology 60 877-910 2013
2016年 齋藤 有 Spatial Change of Grading Pattern of Subaqueous Flood Deposits In Lake Shinji, Japan Journal of Sedimentary Research 83 221-233 2013
吉河 秀郎 The role of summer monsoon-typhoons in the formation of nearshore coarse-grained ripples, depression, and sand-ridge systems along the Shimizu coast, Suruga Bay facing the Pacific Ocean, Japan Marine Geology 353 84-98 2014
2015年 新井 和乃 Tsunami-generated turbidity current of the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake Geology 41 1195-1198 2013
村岡 道弘 Pattern Variety of Tetrahydrofuran Clathrate Hydrates Formed in Porous Media The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 23342-23350 2012
2014年 長谷川 精 Drastic shrinking of the Hadley circulation during the mid-Cretaceous Supergreenhouse Climate of the Past 8 1323-1337 2012
2013年 池田 昌之 Astronomical cycle origin of bedded chert: A middle Triassic bedded chert sequence, Inuyama, Japan Earth and Planetary Science Letters 297 369-378 2010
2012年 清家 弘治 Burrowing behaviour inferred from feeding traces of the opheliid polychaete Euzonus sp. as response to beach morphodynamics Marine Biology 153 1199-1206 2008
2011年 武藤 鉄司 Autostratigraphy: A Framework Norm for Genetic Stratigraphy Journal of Sedimentary Research 77 2-12 2007
2010年 片岡 香子 Breakout flood from an ignimbrite-dammed valley after the 5 ka Numazawako eruption, northeast Japan Geological Society of America Bulletin 120 1233-1247 2008
2009年 後藤 和久 Distribution, origin and transport process of boulders deposited by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami at Pakarang Cape, Thailand Sedimentary Geology 202 821-837 2007
成瀬 元 Visualization of the Internal Structure of the Massive Division in Experimental Sediment-Gravity-Flow Deposits by Mapping of Grain Fabric Journal of Sedimentary Research 76 854-865 2006
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